The Product Image Optimizer App (PIO) makes it easy to have fast-loading, good looking product images throughout your site. Upload your original images using an FTP client that supports Amazon's S3 service, and PIO automatically picks them up and creates all the properly sized & optimized images you need for your store (like thumbnails, large and pop-ups) and saves them to Amazon's S3. PIO can optionally (controlled via your settings and image naming) update your CV3 storefront's products to use the new images and can even handle multiple image sets.

Image requirements:

  • must be JPG or PNG format
  • can each be up to 5MBs in size
  • must be the correct shape (PIO will not crop images)
Product photoshoot

Features & Benefits

  • Ensures that all product image variants are properly sized and optimized so your pages load faster
  • Host live store images on Amazon's S3
  • Upload original photos with Transmit, Cyberduck, Cloudberry or any FTP client that supports S3
  • Can automatically update/assign CV3 product images without requiring login to store admin
  • Upload as many photos as you like at a time
  • Fire and forget ~ set files to upload and move on with your day, no need to wait
  • Set images sizes required by your own custom designs
  • Tweak the settings to suit your site's design and get an optimal mix of image quality and file size


All plans include an incoming bucket to copy files to, an easy to use JSON config file for setting sizes and optimization settings and full integration with CV3 so your product images can update automatically.

  • customizable product search
  • optional support for SLI Advance Search
  • multiple-product images & videos
  • product ratings & reviews
  • related products & required products
  • parent / child products
  • product attributes & sets
  • volume pricing discounts
  • customizable products

Standard - $495/yr

  • 50,000 images
  • 50,000 conversions
  • 5GB image storage
  • 200GB image bandwidth

Plus - $795/yr

  • Unlimited images
  • Unlimited conversions
  • 15GB image storage
  • 200GB image bandwidth

Advanced - $1495/yr

  • Unlimited images
  • Unlimited conversions
  • 100GB image storage
  • 500GB image bandwidth