Commercial Support

Some merchants use CV3 on their own, but the vast majority work with our team on a monthly or quarterly basis to refine their online channel and achieve growth goals. We provide one-on-one or team-based training via web or on-site sessions so that your staff stays up to date on the latest e-commerce trends, features and growth tools available in CV3. When there's an issue on your storefront, our support team is there to troubleshoot and assist in the resolution. We respond quickly to emails and phone calls, and when we're not at work, our emergency response team is still available 24 hours a day should there be a crisis.

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Developer looking at code on computer screen

Front-end Development

We provide a wide variety of front-end web development services. We design and redesign high-growth storefronts. We develop and optimize storefronts for short load times and a variety of screen sizes from screen to tablet to mobile phone. We work hourly when fast-turnarounds are needed on small changes, or we can provide ongoing management plans for larger projects. We provide all these services on any e-commerce platform, not just CV3.

Back-end Development

Need something CV3 can't do out of the box? Our development team specializes in e-commerce add-ons, integrations and related apps of all sizes. If it involves products, customers, orders, fulfillment, shipping, analytics or any combination of the above, we've been there and done that many times. We've developed complex connectors, touch-based kiosks, product configurators, wholesale ordering systems and more. Contact us for more details on your specific project.


Change is never easy, so we provide a dedicated project manager to make sure your move to CV3 is seamless. Your CV3 project manager can also pull in our designers, developers and marketers throughout the launch process as needed to accomplish specific tasks. In particular our SEO team works meticulously to maintain your existing web traffic throughout the transition while priming it for growth once the transition is complete.


CV3 was built from the ground up for multi-channel retailers, so our platform is ready to plug into a wide variety of third party software out of the box. From analytics packages to order management software to e-mail service providers, there's a lot of integrations that are simple to activate and configure from within the CV3 admin area. For more complex integrations, custom ERP packages or home grown systems, we have a comprehensive API that is easily consumed via simple web requests. We also have a team of seasoned integration programmers and a wealth of open source connector modules that can work with your team to complete any integrations.

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