Since 1995, All Volleyball, Inc. has been the Midwest leader in all things volleyball and in the last couple of years with the growth of our online store we are now the top volleyball-specific retailer in the United States. We've accomplished this by being experts in our field, caring deeply about our mission and leveraging our online and offline resources to create more value for our customer than any of our competitors. CommerceV3 has been a central part of our success.

Researching E-Commerce Platforms had been on CV3 for many years, so when it came time to redesign our site, we wanted to be sure to do our due diligence and make certain that CV3 was still the best platform for our growing business. We compared CV3 vs Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento and CV3 came out the clear winner.

CV3 brought us far more value than we could find in any other solution. We get great value for the money with CV3's extensive Enterprise-class tools at a mid-market cost.

Some of the deciding factors in selecting CV3 included:

  • SaaS & fully PCI compliant out of the box
  • Open and flexible architecture to let us modify our site to meet our needs
  • Continuous updates to remain relevant to current e-commerce trends
  • Reasonable, predictable pricing
  • Personal attention from knowledgeable staff

Redesign and Implementation

While CV3 offers both design and development, we wanted to leverage our own talented staff who are already very familiar with our brand and our business requirements, so we decided to take on the redesign and implementation ourselves.

CV3's user-friendly platform made it possible for us to do this. We got the bulk of the work done ourselves but had a few things that were beyond our team's skillset. We just reached out and CV3's helpful staff assisted in taking it the last 10 yards. We also had some custom work we needed and they handled those requirements for us too.

CV3's open and flexible architecture is ideal for maintaining my site. I feel like it's so flexible, it's practically open source. Just when we think we are pushing the limits of CV3, they come through with an answer to our needs. Every step of the way, CV3 is there to help us accomplish our growing list of goals and requirements. They've been an excellent partner.