To ship, or not to ship, that is the question today.

an account from a CV3 merchant

8:00 am - Your online store is seeing decent sales even though the current pandemic is causing upheaval all around you. Things are tough, and you're worried about your staff of over 70 wonderful people, your business, and your family. But your brand is strong, your coworkers are fiercely dedicated, and your customers are loyal!

9:00 am - CDC announces that no congregations of 10 or more people are allowed for the foreseeable future In your city, including places of business.

9:01 am - You're faced with the challenge of shuttering operations to comply. OR... find a way to continue within the guidelines, to prioritize providing your valuable service and products to your customers, and keep your staff safe as well.

Noone imagined we would face a decision like this, but many merchants are grappling with how to move forward in this tumultuous and fluid environment we find ourselves in.

This particular situation lended itself to an imaginative, collaborative solution. Those who can, are working from home. The rest are taking shifts to practice social distancing, and everyone is stepping up the already excellent cleanliness standards. All while working together (but not too closely...) in a beautifully coordinated orchestra of production, processing, and shipping.

This merchant is not alone either. Many of you have chimed in with challenges you are facing, efforts that are helping, ideas worth sharing, and more. Here are some of our favorites that might help you too:

  • Add a message banner or button to your homepage that lands on a letter to your customers. Use this platform to allay their concerns by outlining the special precautions you are taking to safeguard their orders. As well as what you are doing to keep your staff and community safe.

  • Send an email blast to keep your customers appraised of your ability to fulfill orders.You are providing a valuable service by allowing them to shop from home for everything from comfort foods, hobby & craft supplies, to everyday household items that may make dealing with an extended quarantine or social distancing, infinitely more bearable.

Of course, these are merely suggestions and may not fit the voice of every brand, but we feel it is our duty to share with you what is working for others. From big businesses to your small hometown stores, we are all in this together.

If you find an approach that is helpful and would like to share your story, please share on the CV3 Merchant Chat and/or email CV3 Support so we can help to share your experience and knowledge with other users.

Our CV3 family is here to help. We are all working remotely these days, and will continue to provide the support, encouragement, and personal service you need.

-Raven L.
CV3 Account Manager