Stone Edge is the perfect choice for the small to medium sized business moving up and processing more orders and finally needing an order management system but one with a lot of features for the money. Stone Edge gives you the tools to run your back office without emptying the bank account.

Integrating Stone Edge’s Order Manager with CommerceV3 empowers multi channel merchants to take their business to the next level by streamlining e-commerce and back office processes. Product information, orders, and inventory data pass between Stone Edge and a CommerceV3 website automatically via an xml webservice to keep everything up to date and get orders into the software without double entry.

Stone Edge is a great order management system to help a growing business and CommerceV3 gives you the tools to do just that. Our marketing, tracking, and reporting features will help bring new customers to your site and keep them coming back. An easy to use administration area will allow most anyone to maintain the website while allowing full access to html code to give you your own custom website. When choosing an e-commerce solution to integrate with Stone Edge, make sure you choose one that not only understands the software but cares about your business. The clear choice is CommerceV3.

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