Freestyle Solutions offers the popular order management system Multichannel Order Manager, also known as “MOM”, a comprehensive order and inventory management solutions for high-growth retailers and brands, at a price that is affordable.

With Freestyle, retailers can obtain a unified view of supply and demand across all sales channels to optimize inventory and fulfill customer orders more efficiently. Available in both cloud and on-premise delivery models, Freestyle software is highly scalable, configurable, and can be easily integrated with frontend, backend and other third party systems through RESTful APIs. Freestyle is a trusted and proven technology provider, with more than 2,000 customers and 25 years of expertise developing order management software.

Integrating MOM with CV3

The CV3 Connector manages data flow between CV3 and MOM through a manual option and/or timed interval option. It is an application that will be installed on a local machine (that has access to the MOM DB/SQL server). It connects to CV3 via our web service, and to MOM via their MOM API. The Connector is currently available for MOM 8 SQL and MOM 9 SQL.

The Connector manages the following data transfers between the two systems:

The Connector contains options for Product Fields Mapping that allow you to map the MOM field to the CV3 field so the data is entered where you need it to appear on the website.

It also contains similar options for the Order Import Fields Mapping where fields may be mapped so the data in CV3 drops into the desired MOM fields.

The Status Upload allows you to send the shipping status and tracking number found in MOM and updates the information for your customers in CV3. You can choose to update the orders based on order date or ship date in MOM. There are mapping options here as well so you have the ability to configure the levels of status you wish to display in CV3 for your customers. The status and tracking information will be updated in CV3 with the information configured and passed from MOM.

If you use Inventory control on your sites, there is also an inventory update available after each order import to help keep your inventory as accurate as possible on the website.

There are many options within the Connector that allow you to sync MOM and CV3 in a way that works best for your business!

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