3 Steps To Optimize Your Mobile Site

Don't get left behind! Follow these three steps to make your website mobile friendly and turn mobile shoppers into buyers in the process.

There are almost five billion mobile phones in the world. That's an amazing number given there are only about seven and a half billion people in the world. Not all of these phones are smartphones, but the trends are clear: there are way more phones than computers, and that gap is just getting wider.

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Image Optimization Guidelines

Does your website need to embrace a New Year's weight loss resolution?>

Our waistlines aren't the only things that expand over time: as your e-commerce store matures and makes room for new product lines, new site features, and beautiful high-def photography, so does your site gain excess weight, so to speak.

Which, like us humans, is not a good thing.

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100 Tips for Mobile Optimization

CV3's Blake Ellis recently spoke at the Direct Gardening Association's Winter Conference in Savannah, GA and presented 100 Tips for Mobile Optimization. Below are some of the top tips, and you can also see his full powerpoint presentation here.

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AllVolleyball.com Chooses CommerceV3 when Re-investing in E-Commerce

Since 1995, All Volleyball, Inc. has been the Midwest leader in all things volleyball and in the last couple of years with the growth of our online store we are now the top volleyball-specific retailer in the United States. We've accomplished this by being experts in our field, caring deeply about our mission and leveraging our online and offline resources to create more value for our customer than any of our competitors. CommerceV3 has been a central part of our success.

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CommerceV3 Named Multichannel Merchant Top Commerce Platform for 2017

October 15, 2016, Clermont, FL - CommerceV3, Inc. (CV3) was named as a Multichannel Merchant Top Commerce Platform for 2017, which solidifies CV3's position as a formidable leader in the crowded space of e-commerce platforms and technology solutions.

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Build New Revenue with Remarketing for Search

Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSAs) are a great way to enhance your current Adwords campaigns. They also let you bid on highly competitive keywords that might otherwise be too expensive.

We recommend you use RLSAs to capture revenue from site abandoners. When visitors leave your website without making a purchase, use these ads to reconnect with them as they continue searching Google. You can set your bids or select keywords more aggressively since these visitors have recently visited your website and/or shopping cart.

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CV3's 2016 SEO Forecast | Mostly Mobile, with a Chance of AI

As we move into 2016 and ponder what SEO updates the mighty Google has in store for us, reflecting on the dramatic changes of 2015 gives us many clues. In April of last year, The Google pushed a significant mobile update, which globally rolled out on all mobile related search queries.

This algorithmic change focused mostly on:

  • decreases in non mobile-friendly URLs on the first 3 pages of mobile SERPs,
  • increases in mobile friendly results,
  • any changes or updates applied.
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SEO 101: Page Titles, Meta Tags & Search-friendly URLs on CV3

This post is about how to improve your CV3 site's "On-site ranking factors" by customizing your page titles, Meta descriptions and URLs. These are things you can do on your site to make your pages more search engine friendly.

Title Tags

Optimizing your title tags is the single greatest "bang for your buck" in SEO. That does not mean that keywords in your title are sufficient to get you ranking for keyterms, but they are an element that is easy to change and which search engines look at to determine what your page is about. It is an eCommerce best practice to take the time to come up with keyword rich page titles for the different pages of your website.

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Client Success Story: LEM Products

It's hard work, building and growing an online business, and when your store succeeds, well, we just couldn't be any more pleased, and we want to tell the world all about you!

We'd like to introduce LEM Products, and their e-commerce Specialist, Liz Bordonaro. LEM Products - a CV3 partner since 2006 - is a mail order and online company based in West Chester, Ohio, that provides high-quality meat processing and jerky-making equipment and supplies for the do-it-yourselfer hunter and home processor. Liz was kind enough to share LEM's history and their online journey to success with CV3.

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