Next up in our client success series, we’d like to introduce you to Kitchen Kettle Village (, and its Operations Coach, Chris Dydol.

Nestled in Lancaster County’s Pennsylvania Dutch Country, Kitchen Kettle has a sweetly charming entrepreneur’s story behind it: Founder Pat Burnley and her husband, Bob, started their business in their garage, preserving jams and jellies. Soon, the garage itself became a tourist attraction, as visitors stopped by to observe the jelly-making process, and enjoy a cup of coffee and a sample of freshly made jellies.

Today, that garage start-up has grown into an expansive shopping destination, with more than 40 retail tenants, including clothing shops, food crafters, artisans, restaurants, and visitor lodging, plus regular food festivals and special events to foster a community experience. Home Page

Chris shares with us Kitchen Kettle’s eCommerce experience and history with CV3:

CV3: How are you selling products today?

KKV: The main outlet is a physical shop within our Village of 40 retail shops. We also wholesale products, and obviously sell online via CV3.

What caused you to seek a solution like CommerceV3?

Initially we were looking for customization of product purchasing method, and being able to have a site that could represent not only our brick and mortar shopping experience, but also our entire Village shopping experience.

Did your company already have a solution in place? Is there a specific incident that stands out that made it obvious a new solution was needed?

We originally had been with CV3, and then considered alternative online shopping vendors upon the suggestion of an external marketing agency. We quickly realized that other vendors’ platforms were not able to handle our custom requests in a cost efficient manner.

As you searched for a solution, what questions were you looking to have answered?

Customization – to fit our current shopping experience but also to have the ability to grow as our Village grows. We were also very concerned with the level of direct support available as we grow.

How long have you been using CommerceV3 at your company at this point?

We started in 2011, and then begin our “version 2.0” for about 1 month now.

How are you using CommerceV3 in your everyday operations?

Our online store presence feeds directly into our own internal order processing/fulfillment system.

What features/capabilities do you use the most? Are you leveraging our solution for any interesting/unexpected use cases?

Quantity discounting, recipe suggestions, related product suggestions, and promo code capability.

What overall business benefits have you seen since implementing our solution?

Average order has increased, along with the benefit of having the online shopping experience that resembles the shopping experience in our Village.

What process improvements have you seen, such as fewer mistakes, better data management, reduced time/costs, etc.?

We’ve noted less guest confusion in regards to product selection, especially from different size categories.

What improvements have you seen in your services to your own customers?

Flexibility in ordering, improved ease of shopping our various product lines.

What are the company goals that you hope to accomplish in the future that you can share?

Continued sustainable online sales growth by adding additional “stores” within the site to emulate and enhance our guest’s shopping experience, and expand our online product lines in conjunction with our Village concept.

A big thank you to Kitchen Kettle Village and Chris Dydol for sharing their experiences with us!

If you would like to share your company’s story, let us know!

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