Store Design

CV3 has several approaches to store design. While some prefer a unique custom design to showcase their brand, others prefer budget friendly option of working within existing templates. Regardless of your path, our design process is a painless.

Design & Launch Options

CV3 Self Build

The Self Build Launch option puts the full control of the site build into your hands. We create a new blank store for you then set you free to develop content, templates and everthing else to launch your store. Once you’ve built the store, let us know; we will evaluate your store for issues then launch the store at your desired time. This option is ideal for the savvy client who has experience with the CV3 platform.

CV3 Express

CV3 Express is a a budget friendly way to get a storefront up and running quickly and relatively easily on the CV3 platform. With CV3 Express, we start off with our standard template layouts and customize the colors, images and over all functionality to suit your needs and match your brand. This is a time save because you do not have to go through the design phase with our Design team. Our standard templates are packed full of features that most online retailers are looking for today and utilize the latest trends in e-commerce web design that your customers are accustomed to. The standard templates are available in both Adaptive or Responsive versions so your site would be mobile friendly!

CV3 Full Service

The full service option is similar to Cv3 Express except with this option we will take your through the design process with our Design team to develop a unique one-off site design to showcase your brand and products in anyway you can imagine. This is suitable for anyone looking for a custom design or has very specific requirements that are not available in our standard templates.

Responsive & Adaptive Designs

CV3’s standard template are available in both Responsive and Adaptive version which give your site a desirable user experience on tables and cell phones and other devices. If you’re going with a Full Service package we can develop the templates to be your choice of responsive or adaptive.

Not sure of the difference? Here is an article that should help: What is the difference between responsive vs. adaptive web design?


Design Examples

Take a look at some examples of our work below. Who doesn’t love to show off? Hansel