Cloud Hosting

It’s not enough that your website look good, it needs to perform well. CV3 provides Enterprise-class hosting with the redundancy, real-time scalability and security to ensure your site will perform under even the most demanding of circumstances.

Certified Secure

PCI-DSS Compliant platform with Level 1 VISA Certification

The CV3 platform undergoes rigorous and continuous testing by security firms, and the entire platform is certified annually by third party auditors. So CV3 is not only compliant software, but certified software, and it’s certified at the highest level available.

Fully Automatic

No maintenance, upgrades, or hardware headaches

Licensing software is often just the beginning of your investment, but at CV3 everything is included: software upgrades, bug fixes, firewalls, routers, redundant servers, redundant connections, geographically diverse fail-over, system administrators, pager duty… the list goes on an on. The short version: we take care of everything so you can focus on selling product.

Flex Up & Down

Add hosting resources for busy times, thin down off-season

Internet traffic fluctuates, sometimes on a regular cycle and sometimes because of an external event like a Superbowl ad. At CV3 we have multiple layers of automatic service allocation going on at any given time. New servers spin up as load increases in the morning and then spin down in the middle of the night. New clusters appear as Cyber Monday approaches and stick around as long as they are needed during the holiday season. All this activity means your store always has plenty of bandwidth for shoppers but you are paying for it when you don’t need it.

Edge Speed with CDN

Built-in content delivery network for faster page delivery

Speed is a priority at CV3, and milliseconds count. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are built directly into the way CV3 works, so your data is housed as close to the shopper as possible so your site pops into their browser when they visit. And our CDN usage is easy maintain over time, it works in the background so you don’t accidentally put a bunch of product images in the wrong place.

Redundant Data Centers

Stores are deployed to virtual data centers for true cloud redundancy

CV3 offers multiple layers of redundancy. Clustered server instances mean your shoppers never see a slow down, even if traffic gets high or a couple of instances decide to crash. And if an entire data center goes down (we’ve seen it happen many times), your stores are replicated across multiple data centers in different geographic regions so you don’t have to worry.

Top Tier Add-ons

Globally distributed DNS, mail servers, blog hosting & more

A successful storefront needs a whole network of supporting services, and your platform is only as strong as its weakest link. No one will get to your super fancy redundant servers if your DNS provider goes down. At CV3 we partner with top-tier global firms like Amazon, NuStar, Rackspace and Sendgrid to make sure all your supporting services are just as stable as your web store.