“When we moved to the CommerceV3 shopping cart, right away we saw results: our search engine optimization (SEO) instantly improved.  CV3 probably doubled the number of people coming to the site through organic searches.”

“We’re primarily focused on resolving people’s gift-giving needs through chocolate, and the CV3 cart allows you to split multiple gifts out to multiple addresses within the same shopping cart experience.  That one change has increased our total order value dramatically–up to 17 or 18 percent.”

“While our old site was primarily template driven, CV3 offers much more flexibility in the site’s appearance.  That’s important to us; ten years ago people put tons of time into their store’s glass window; our site is our glass window.”

“CV3’s donation module allows customers to give to our urban garden program, which supplies mint for Mighty Mint chocolate bars.  Also, on our old software videos had to go through a mirror site; with CV3 we can directly integrate multimedia about us and our partners.  CV3’s design flexibility allows us to add features and customize individual HTML pages, helping us effectively support causes we care about. ”
John Doyle – Co-Owner, John & Kiras, Award Winning Gourmet Chocolates. http://www.johnandkiras.com

“If it were not for Commerce V3 we would be out of business. Our previous dedicated web hosting platform was very expensive and difficult to make changes. With CV3, we have found a partner who cares about their customers’ success by providing an affordable, user-friendly platform. The interface is a brilliantly designed set of tools allowing us to manage our business and change templates with ease. Customer support has been fantastic, quick and understanding, from the very beginning.”
John Grieco, President, G. W. Little, small dog accessory companyhttp://www.gwlittle.com
“As a relatively new company, I have nothing but rave reviews for CV3. Although we had a lot of marketing experience, we did never had our own shopping cart to manage/design. After being put with a great team at CV3, we were off to a good start. They have been very helpful. I have always received information back from customer service within 24hrs. When I did have a problem early on, I spoke with the owner, Nathan, and it was quickly resolved. There is a lot of flexibility and only a couple of things that we can’t do that in a perfect world we would like to have. However, they are constantly updating their systems or can help you figure out work arounds. I highly recommend CV3. If you have very specific needs then make them known up front and be sure they can be met. Good Luck.”
Jennifer Simon – Simon & Co.http://www.simonandco.com