CV3 is a certified LEVEL ONE PCI-DSS GLOBAL SERVICE PROVIDER. This means the hardware, software and network that powers your store is routinely audited and updated to meet or exceed the latest security standards required by VISA. It also means your e-commerce infrastructure is pre-approved and easily documented should you be audited by your merchant services provider

CommerceV3 Maintains PCI-DSS Level 1 Certification

This is a fancy way of saying that everything we do at CommerceV3 is reviewed and approved by an independent auditor so that we maintain certification as a VISA Approved Global Service Provider. You can review the full list of certified providers at the VISA site at the link below:
This means:
  • our hardware and network infrastructure is monitored and reviewed, including regular on-site visits by our auditors;
  • we routinely undergo rigorous 3rd party assessments to retain certification;
  • we meet and exceed industry standard security practices.

Additional Protection

While PCI certification is a must in today’s world, it’s just the beginning at CommerceV3. We provide further protection by:
  • we use open-source platforms and tools that are continuously tested and patched at a faster clip than proprietary development tools;
  • we review the PCI security status and policies of every vendor we work with, from data center vendors to supporting services to e-commerce partnerships;
  • we execute additional internal processes and technical solutions that are not scanned for or covered by PCI audits.
Security is both a regulatory and practical matter. At CommerceV3 security is our top priority, and we go above and beyond to keep our merchants and their data safe. For more information and details of our security policies contact