Blake Ellis

Founding Partner & Chief Executive Officer

Blake Ellis often gets tagged as a “serial entrepreneur”, having been involved in a number of web-based start-ups. Most of his efforts fail spectacularly, but the ones that survive seem to do very well. In addition to CommerceV3, the successes include Rails Machine, Smack Dab Studios, ResEngine, and Timberline Interactive.

Blake has won numerous technology awards for CommerceV3 and Rails Machine, including the CBETA Innovation Award and graduation from the Advanced Technology Development Center at Georgia Tech.

Trivia #1: Before founding Color Maria, Blake worked for the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games. He was the guy with the goofy hair jumping up and down in Tokyo when Atlanta won the bid for the 1996 games. Later that night he claimed over a barrel of sake that winning the bid was “all me.”

Trivia #2: Blake wrote CommerceV1 and most of CommerceV2 before Kristen locked him out to fix everything.

Nathan Focht

Founding Partner & President

Nathan is the heart and soul of CommerceV3, relentlessly driving the platform from its humble beginnings to ever greater heights. He is quick to answer his cell phone, even when things are going wrong, and he’s just as quick to give you a straight and honest answer, even if you were wanting a bit of fluff.

More catalog merchant than software developer, Nathan breaks new ground by reinventing tried and true retail techniques to sell more online. He re-envisioned “square inch analysis,” a staple of print catalogs, and brought it into the 21st century for application to online sales. He routinely devises new ways of offering customer segmentation and promo codes, something you will love and hate if you ever have the opportunity to sift through the thousands of permutations available in CV3.

Nathan has won numerous awards for CommerceV3 and was the driving force behind the 2009 acquisition of Timberline Interactive.

Trivia #1: Nathan travels the country in an RV with his wife, three kids, two large dogs and his mother-in-law. Of course, you know this if you’ve talked to him on his cell phone or if he’s showed up in your yard.

Trivia #2: Nathan spent a year and a half slowly convincing Blake that he was one year older than he actually was. It made for a very good joke, and gave Blake a free year!