Thinking About a Site Refresh?

Read how SERRV did just that–and the impressive results that followed! We’re proud to announce the recent launch of the new shopping site for long-time customer, SERRV, a $9.5 million fair trade network connecting thousands of artisans in developing countries with customers and volunteers across the United States. A Timberline partner since 2005, SERRV has created […]

Cyber Monday 2010 Sets New Record for Highest Single-Day Online Sales

ComScore announced that 2010′s Cyber Monday grew 16% from a year ago, tallying record-breaking online sales of over $1 billion. While Black Friday is still the shopping event of the bricks-and-mortar world, Cyber Monday — the first Monday after Thanksgiving — has increasingly become a major event for online retailers, who prime the pump with […]

5 Powerful Tactics for E-commerce

Okay, time for Tom Funk to take a deep breath. I’ve spent the better part of each day since September 8′s introduction of Google Instant, panicking, gnashing my teeth, tearing my hair, rending my garments and dodging chunks of falling sky. Search is an important source of lifeblood to any commercial website. Until now, I’ve […]

The Power of Personalized Online Ads

My friend and colleague Andy Dunn was struck yesterday by the extreme personalization being done by Zappo’s, the now Amazon-owned shoe retailer. Andy had been checking out sneakers at Zappo’s and then left without buying. Later, thanks to Zappo’s remarketing campaigns across a broad swath of third-party websites, Andy began seeing Zappo’s display ads everywhere […]

Holiday 2010 eCommerce Sales Forecast Calls for 15% Growth

Here’s a long overdue dose of good news: 2010 online Holiday sales are forecast to climb a healthy 15% compared to last year. Research and consulting firm Deloitte expects ecommerce, along with direct-mail catalog sales and TV shopping channels, to notch the big gains. Overall retail sales, which are still dominated by bricks-and-mortar stores, are […]

Timberline Email Energetics – Leveraging Minor Holidays

I recently read an article about leveraging minor holidays by Chad White that was very inspiring called Standing Out Among All the National Pecan Pie Day Messaging. In the article he says: “It’s a major strategic and creative challenge to stand out during the holiday season — as well as during other major holiday seasons like […]

Gap’s Groupon Campaign Grosses $11 Million

Gap’s 50%-discount offered on the collective-buying site Groupon last week rang up a reported $11 million in sales, says ClickZ, and in the process demonstrated some best practices for ecommerce in this new, more social Web 2.0 era. According to Groupon spokesperson Julie Mossler, the Gap offer was the most successful Groupon promotion to date, […]

Tracking ROI for Social Media Is Marketers’ Biggest Stumbling Block, Survey Finds

Is Tracking ROI one of your biggest stumbling blocks?

The 9 Most Common Google Analytics Mistakes

We’ve been doing a lot of Google Analytics audits, debugging and configuration. It’s a crucial time for ecommerce merchants to be thinking about the state of their web analytics, and the correctness of the data. Weak though the ecomony may be, the dog days are summer are quickly giving way to fall/holiday (or should we […]

13 Reasons Consumers Follow Brands or Companies on Twitter

Exact Target just released results of their survey of 1,500 consumers to identify the main reasons they might follow a brand or company Twitter feed — and what other online behaviors the most active Twitterers demonstrate, including brand mentions, ratings and reviews, and word-of-mouth (or word-of-mouse) product recommendations to friends. Some of the findings are […]