Refined Search Option

The CommerceV3 software allows you to create a series of keywords that can be used to narrow down the search options that your customers can choose to speed up the process of finding the specific items they are looking for within your site. You can create a file with the specific search options that you […]

Calling Image Links in CV3

  When adding image links in the CV3 software ( templates, products, categories, and email blasts) you must never use hard-coded links to staging URLs.  This is also the case if you use a 3rd party for your email blasts.   Email Blasts In Email Blasts you will need to use the full URL but […]

Build A Product Mapping

    The Commercev3 software has been upgraded so Build products can now be properly reassigned when changing the recipient mappings after the quantity has been altered in the cart. When multiple Build products are added to the cart the reassignment of the built product can be done to individual recipients with all of the […]

Ride Along Product Promo

    The Commercev3 software has been upgraded to now allow you to include dollar off and percentage off of products when you are using the “Calculate per ship to” option.  The settings within the Customers>Groups> Add Rule                                   […]

Export Marketing List Include Date Options

    The commercev3 software has been updated to now have several date options when exporting marketing lists.  The lists include the option of : Include date customer added to group  Include date customer added to system   The following new options are included in the Export Marketing List section of Marketing->Email Campaigns->Email List Management […]

Order History Import of Non-CV3 Orders

    The Commercev3 software has been updated to now import and allow customers to view and reorder external orders that were not placed in the CV3 system.  These orders will be displayed in customer’s member account and available to the order status page. These orders are for display purposes only and will not be […]

Custom Form File Upload

    The Commercev3 software has been updated to allow you to add a “File Upload” type to your Generic and Product Custom Forms. This software update requires a quote and an upgrade. Any files uploaded will only be stored for 30 days before deletion. To add a File Upload option to a generic form […]

Suppress Out of Stock Kit Products

    The Commercev3 software has been updated to correctly display Kit Products at the end of the product list when a Kit product component is out of stock and the option to suppress out of stock products to the bottom of the category and search pages is selected. This is a fix to the […]

Monsoon Stone Edge Security Updates

    The CommerceV3 software has been updated to allow Order Manager users to take advantage of new changes that limit credit card exposure. There are no additional requirements for you to have to do in order to continue the use of Monsoon stone edge and The credit card can be passed into your […]

Payment Gateway Token Natural Order

    The Commercev3 software has been updated to now create and pass a Credit Card Token when exporting orders through the CV3 Web Service and Natural Order text file export. This will allow a token to be passed without passing the entire credit card number.