25055 Webservice Enhancements

The webservice now acknowledges IP restrictions set under Settings -> Options -> Security Options -> IP Restrictions.  Further, the webservice will now lock users out who make 5 consecutive failed login attempts.

You can also set specific webservice permissions for your sub-users by going to Manage Sub-Users (from your developer account screen) -> Edit or Add a sub-user -> Check (or un-check) Webservice – Inventory & Webservice – Orders.  Users without access to Orders via the webservice will be given an error message if they attempt to retrieve or update orders using the webservice.  Users.  Users without access to Inventory via the webservice will receive an error if they attempt any inventory action using the webservice.

There is a new PayPal Info block which is exported with orders that have the payment method ‘Paypal.’  This new block contains the buyer, amount, and transaction id for the PayPal transaction.

25981 Order Changelog

You can now view order downloads in the store change log (Settings->Store Changelog) including user and specific order numbers.

21483 Order Tracking Import

An import file can now be used to import order tracking numbers, order status updates, and customer ID numbers via the admin.  Instructions for the necessary format for the import file is found at http://docs.commercev3.com/index.php/Order_Tracking_Import.  Once the file is complete, it can be imported through the admin from Orders->Order Status Import.

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