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Do you have a list of the automated emails that can be sent by CV3 to customers?

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asked Apr 3, 2012 in General Questions by Dwayne (7,390 points)  

1 Answer

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There are a few types of emails that CV3 sends to customers.  The first group is triggered to be sent by customer actions.


Approve Affiliate Email (affiliate_email.tpl)

Approve Wholesaler Email (wholesale_approve_email.tpl)

Cart Abandonment Email (cart_abandonment.tpl)

Customer Group Send Email (cgroup_email.tpl)

Email Confirmation (email_confirmation.tpl)

Gift Certificate Send Code Email (gc_code_email.tpl)

Member Registration Email (member_register_email.tpl)

New Product Notify Email (new_product_notify_email.tpl)

Q&A E-mail (qanda_email.tpl)

Review Email Confirmation (review_email.tpl)

Tracking Update Notification E-mail (tracking_notification_email.tpl)

Wholesale Email Confirmation (wholesale_confirmation_email.tpl)

 The next group are ones that are typically initiated by the site administrator or customer service staff.


Affiliate Forgot Password Email (affiliate_forgot.tpl)

Default Auto Reminder E-mail (auto_reminder_email.tpl)

Email Subjects (email_subjects.tpl)

Member Forgot Password Email (member_forgot_email.tpl)

Product Notify Email (product_notify_email.tpl)

Reminder Service Email (reminder_service_email.tpl)

Tell a Friend Email (tellfriend_email.tpl)

Wholesale Forgot Password Email (wholesale_forgot_email.tpl)

Wishlist Email (wishlist_email.tpl)

answered Apr 3, 2012 by Dwayne (7,390 points)