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What are the variables that I need to add Pinterest to my product page?

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asked Feb 17, 2012 in Product / Category Questions by Justin~CV3 (12,050 points)  

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You can add the {array_debug} code to the page where you want to see the available variables. So, in this case, the variables would be:

{$product.large_image} or if you want the thumbnail: {$product.web_image}

answered Feb 17, 2012 by Justin~CV3 (12,050 points)  
When I {debug_array} the template I "debug all" and see the list of fields. However, I looked in all of them (including expanding) and could not find the variables you found. I couldn't find any fields with the "{" squiggly brackets, only the "[" square brackets.
What am I missing???

Thank You
In my site, the product description variable is actually $product.prod_description.

For the url, $product.url_name only gives you the 'ending' of the url, the product specific part. If you want a full url, ie. http://mysite.com/my-product-url, you can use this variable: $smarty.server.SCRIPT_URI
The [] brackets are used in the debug, but when they are printed out through Smarty in the templates, they use the {} brackets.
You are correct, you can use the {$smarty.server.SCRIPT_URI} to fill in the entire URL, and the product description is $product.prod_description. Good eye!