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We want to give a discount for buyint 12 or more of something. Is there an easy way to do this?

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In order to have a discount price on an exiting is there an automatic "trigger" we can put in to give the discounted price when they order 12 or more ?

- This is for our wholsale customers. Is this different?
Scott Manchester Webmaster Kozlowski Farms
asked Nov 28, 2011 in Shipping Questions by Scott Manchester (620 points)   4 15
edited Nov 28, 2011 by Justin~CV3
Are you using the separate wholesale section of CV3, or are you using price categories for different levels of wholesale pricing?
Yes, separate wholesale section of CV3. Not sure how our wholesale section is set up as I have never worked on it. Not even sure how to get into it.
Scott Manchester Webmaster Kozlowski Farms
The wholesale section doesn't have the ability to run promos like the Customer Groups at this time - it is intended for bulk ordering primarily. An alternative would be to use the Price Categories, to set up different levels of pricing based on certain criteria. However, that would probably take some extra effort to set up, so please contact support if you were interested in setting up your store for that.

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Yes, it depends on the specifics of your promotion, but it can be set up in Customer Groups. Here is an example of setting up a group:


Please contact our support department if you need further assistance on this.
answered Nov 28, 2011 by Justin~CV3 (12,050 points)