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Country name/values in checkout drop-downs

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I'm fairly certain the answer is "no" but wanted to double-check.  Does the admin provide access to change the value of the countries listed in the drop-downs for billing and and shipping info during checkout?  We have to change United Kingdom to Great Britain (not the label, just the value passed, from UK to GB).  (Don't ask.)

I'm thinking it's a value stored in the db, but thought I'd ask before requesting a quote.
asked Nov 3, 2011 in Shipping Questions by KarenG (450 points)   1 1 11
... and I'll take the [::crickets::] to mean "no" ....

1 Answer

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This can be done via some PHP for each page that needs the change. If you'd like some assistance, contact our support department to get a quote on adding this.
answered Nov 7, 2011 by Justin~CV3 (12,050 points)