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What is the major differences between shipping tables and shipping groups?

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asked Oct 28, 2011 in Shipping Questions by Dwayne (7,390 points)  

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Shipping tables are the basic shipping methods used by your site to set pricing based on shipping vendor, shipping location, product requirements and additional handling charges.  The shipping tables can be filtered by product weight, product count and order amount.

Additional filtering can be done by ship to state, country, and exclusion of specific products if the shipping templates have been upgraded for your site.

You can create shipping tables to go along with specific promotions on your site and to change shipping requirements for specific times of year.  The shipping tables can be set to be visible to your customers or hidden from your customers so that not all of the tables are available for your customers to choose from.

You have the opportunity to change the order of the shipping tables so that they will appear to your customers in the order you choose.  The recommendation is that you will list the shipping tables with the most expensive or highest shipping at the top and the least expensive or lowest shipping table at the bottom.  The order they appear to the customer is reversed from the order appearing in the shipping table list.

The reason the shipping table order is suggested to be set up this way is to allow you to upgrade or force the upgrade of shipping method on the site.  If the highest shipping table is not listed at the top then you will be upgrading possibly to a lower shipping table.


Shipping Groups are available for you to narrow down the options for shipping on your site by date range, product groups, customer groups and state and country.  Shipping groups were created in CV3 before some of the current functionality was available under shipping tables.

Shipping groups are able to pinpoint specific shippers for special needs of the customer on your site.

Shipping groups can be used to specify shipping tables for a product or products and can allow you to upgrade shipping table selections to higher level shipping.  An example would be shipping chocolate across the country during the hot summer months.  You may wish to require that all chocolate products during specific date ranges are shipped next day shipping every time so that the product arrives in the best possible shape.

The options for state and country are available to restrict or limit shipping to specific areas.  You may have a product or list of products that cannot be shipped to a specific country or state.  Using the shipping groups you can limit the shipping destination for these products.  

Unfortunately you may limit sales of items to your customers if they have items in the cart that can ship to specific destinations (state or country) and items that are excluded.  The shipping groups will not allow an address excluded in the group from receiving shipments with excluded items.  An error may be posted or the item may be removed from the cart if it is not allowed under the shipping group.

Be sure to test any shipping groups or new shipping tables in your staging area.  Contact support at CV3 if you have a specific problem with the shipping tables or groups.
answered Oct 28, 2011 by Dwayne (7,390 points)