CommerceV3, or CV3 for short, was launched in 2001 by Blake Ellis and Nathan Focht of Savannah, GA, as a way to quickly handle the e-commerce needs of local web customers. The product quickly gained steam and was spun off into its own company. CV3 now powers hundreds of e-commerce sites across the U.S. and Canada, primarily for multi-channel merchants who require advanced integration and marketing features.

$1,000,000,000 And Beyond!

CV3 has processed over a billion dollars in sales and is one of the few e-commerce platforms that appeals to serious merchants whether large or small. Low cost-of-ownership and a flat fee subscription model keeps the platform relevant for small retailers, while advanced marketing, integration and segmentation features provide real power for larger merchants requiring advanced platform power. While most platforms tout their user base, we keep ours small, preferring to cater to serious merchants driving serious revenue.

Timberline Means Growth

Speaking of serious revenue, the 2009 merger of Timberline Interactive and CommerceV3 has brought a full suite of growth services to the CommerceV3 platform. List segmentation, cross sells, purchase path optimization and abandoned cart offers are now baked into the platform. Full service internet marketing, project management and back-office integration services are available as needed.

Get Started Now!

Like what you see and want to know more?  Then request a FREE demo of the CommerceV3 software, or watch the CV3 Intro Movie.  You can also see live demonstrations of the CommerceV3 software at our Wednesday Webinars,90-minute sessions that walk you through many of the CV3 features and tools.