CommerceV3 integrates with Mail Order Manager (M.O.M.)

Mail Order Manager is one of the leading order management systems used by small to mid-sized multi-channel merchants. As a solid foundation to operate your business, this product from Dydacomp Development Corporation is a sound solution. However, now that you have the infrastructure that you need, it is time to start growing your business and your profits. This is where CommerceV3 comes into focus. We utilize the Import Export Module in Mail Order Manager and our own custom integration tool to talk with MOM and provide a highly integrated ecommerce solution.

When you integrate Mail Order Manager with CommerceV3, you are able to pass inventory and product information to CommerceV3 in a few simple steps and download your new orders in seconds. Gone are the days of re-typing new orders or entering your product descriptions in two locations. Now you can spend your new found time improving your website’s marketing with CommerceV3’s powerful marketing and reporting tools.

The integration is such an important part of the process. Be sure that you are selecting the right e-commerce application that understands your integration needs and Mail Order Manager. Take a tour of CommerceV3 today or call to learn more about how CommerceV3 integrates with Mail Order Manager software from Dydacomp.

You can also learn why CommerceV3 is an excellent SiteLINK alternative.

CommerceV3 is also a sponsor of the MOMUSERS Group, An independent group of MOM Users providing help, support, and general exchange of knowledge about Mail Order Manager, catalogs, and e-commerce.

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